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Restaurants in Media City Dubai

Restaurants in Media City Dubai are open in particular for the working community. Cartel Restaurant and Cafe, Fraser Suites, Sidra Tower offers a refreshingly different menu including signature dishes that are ideal for lunch with friends and colleagues.

Time is of the essence for working people in Media City and busy people need a great tasting lunch, generous size portions that contain a great nutritional value and are also highly affordable.

For less than AED 50 our guests from Media City choose from a selection of soups, salads, pastas, chicken, meats, seafood and vegetarian dishes prepared both Continental and Asian style. Our signature dishes include hand-pulled noodles, prepared from scratch in our open kitchen and accompanied by a delicious selection of dishes that will leave you craving for more.

Lunchtime breaks aren't just about food, they're about unwinding and taking a break from the pressures of work. Cartel's spacious and artistic ambience is popular and together with a warm an efficient service, background music and the option to smoke shisha within our indoor garden cafe or conduct a business meeting with a laptop using our complimentary wifi, Cartel Restaurant and Cafe is an ideal venue.

If you're looking for a restaurant offering fairly priced, great tasting food, a stylish ambience, a venue to meet friends and colleagues, a place you'll be proud to host a business meeting or you simply want to chill out with coffee and shisha, Cartel Restaurant and Cafe is for you!

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