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Welcome to Cartel urban restaurant located at Fraser Suites where guests enjoy Continental and Uyghur dishes. Come and relax at our indoor garden cafe!
Located adjacent to Media and Internet Cities, Cartel Restaurant and Cafe welcomes local residents, the business community and international visitors for a refreshingly unique and relaxing ambience.
Guests can look forward to experiencing the delightful taste of the world’s culinary diversity with meats, seafood, pulled noodles, pasta, salads and much more. 
Our pastry chefs prepare what are probably the best tasting desserts to be found anywhere in the area.
Cartel's meduse and traditional shisha offerings combined with fine roasted coffee, a wide selection of fruit teas, freshly prepared juices and smoothies is irresistable.
Cartel Restaurant and Cafe is much more than just food – it’s a 4000 sq ft exclusively designed, urban dining destination.


Welcome to our fabulous restaurant and indoor garden cafe open daily from 12 noon to 12 midnight!
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