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Shisha Cafe Dubai

Finding a shisha cafe in Dubai isn't difficult as the trend has become increasingly popular and can be found within restaurants and many hotels.

Cartel restaurant and cafe at Fraser Suites, Sidra Tower, just off Sheikh Zayed Road is one of a kind by virtue of our venue's ambience, location and offerings of both meduse and traditional hookah.

Meduse pipes were the first shisha pipes in modern history to be served with fruit cocktails inside their glass corpus. What's more, all Meduse shisha pipes can be equipped with different light modules that transform the pipes into magical light objects which makes the smoking an unforgettable experience.

At Cartel indoor garden cafe, guests can choose from a wide selection of 50 meduse flavours, prepared by an expert team of servers. The magnificant looking shisha is served at each table to the delight of visiting guests and makes for a truly enjoyable shisha smoking experience.

Those guests who prefer traditional shisha can find the highest quality tobacco and a wide selection of flavours, all fairly priced and once again, served by a dedicated team who really know their hookah!

Open from 12 noon until 12 midnight, our shisha cafe in Dubai is a conveniently location venue for those living and working in and around Internet, Media and Knowledge Cities. A short drive from Jumeirah, Cartel's restaurant is beautifully designed and separate from the indoor garden cafe. Both sides serve food and beverages and guests can choose where to sit and enjoy food, beverages and shisha.

Welcome to the best shisha cafe in Dubai!

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