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Dining Out In Dubai

If ever there's a Emirate for dining out then it has to be Dubai! Full of culinary diversity and more restaurants per capita than any other city in the world, Dubai is the global leader when it comes to the pleasure of eating.

International and visitors can choose fast food, cafes, bars, casual, high end casual and fine dining, it's all here in incredible Dubai!

Our interior design team have created a unique concept that's quite spectacular. Cartel Restaurant and Cafe is urban, funky, classic and definitely striking. As one enters our restaurant, a handcrafted wall sculpture depicts Sheikh Zayed as our leader, the guardian of all that the United Arab Emirates represents with cultural traditions and incredible achievements. Guests understand that our restaurant is a warm and welcoming venue where people from all nations come together, served by our rainbow family of chefs, hostesses, baristas, waiters and management team from diverse cultures.

Did we mention the food?! Dining out is an absolute pleasure at Cartel. Not surprisingly, our food also represents a variety of cultures and the menu has been crafted to reflect every palate with Continental and Uyghur dishes that are refreshingly different, classic and delicious!

Dubai's restaurant scene includes both franchise and independent eateries and we are delighted to say Cartel represents the latter category. This means the culinary team at Cartel have handcrafted a unique menu and with evolving tastes and trends, can be updated. Special requests can be attended to and are fuss-free.

Guests can choose from soup starters, a wondrous selection of starters, pasta dishes, seafood, meats, vegetarian and Asian selections. Choosing a signature dish isn't hard as our chef prepares hand-pulled noodles within our open kitchen. Guests are able to spectate the art of making the best tasting noodles, accompanied by a tantalising selection of meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes that will leave you craving for more.

Cartel restaurant service is excellent and we take pride in providing a genuinely caring, 5 star service with great attention to details and to ensure our guests leave us happy!

If you love dining-out in Dubai don't forget to come and try Cartel Restaurant and Cafe for morning coffee, fresh juices, light bites, lunch and late supper. There's our stunning indoor garden shisha cafe and a relaxing outdoor veranda where guests enjoy morning sunshine and al fresco late at night.

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