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Sidra Tower Dubai

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Located close to Media City, Sidra Tower is home to Fraser Suites Dubai and occupies some 23 levels of hotel apartments. The prime location on Sheikh Zayed Road is convenient for discerning businessmen, families, and leisure travellers seeking space and superb facilities that doesn't disappoint, whether on a short-term or extended stay

An extensive, stunning foyer complete with large reception, luxury seating and coffee shop guarantees a warm welcome to guests visiting Dubai all over the world.

Cartel Restaurant and Shisha Lounge

Guests can look forward to experiencing the delightful taste of the world’s culinary diversity including soups, salads, meats, seafood and some of the best tasting desserts to be found anywhere in the area.

The combined shisha offering within our dedicated lounge, freshly prepared coffees, fruit teas and healthy juices, prepared to order create a home from home setting where guests regularly visit to grab breakfast or unwind after a long day.

Cartel Restaurant and Lounge is much more than just food – it’s a 4000 sq ft of classy, yet contemporary dining destination, thoughtfully designed for Dubai’s local community and international visitors residing within Fraser Suites.

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